Virgin Galactic Frequent Flyer CampaignIf you’ve ever wished that you could redeem your frequent flyer miles or points for something really interesting, Virgin Airlines my be your airline of choice. The company’s Mission Galactic campaign will award the frequent flyer with the most Elevate status points with a free ride on Virgin Galactic.

The winner will achieve Galactic status. And as a result, earn the right to be launched into space and enjoy weightlessness, on a suborbital ride outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. The regular price of a flight on-board the Virgin Galactic spaceship is $200,000. The passenger who finishes in second place will receive a free zero-gravity flight courtesy of ZERO-G.

The campaign runs through August 7, 2013. Elevate status points that are accumulated on Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Australia, will be combined and totaled for this contest.

Anyone who wants to sign-up for this galactic adventure, can enter at Virgin America.